AVL Scarefest 2018

Don't be late...for the adventure!

Some of you have noticed that games are starting to be listed on Warhorn. That's very clever of you...almost too clever. We're not clearing anyone to sign up for games yet, but mark your calendars! Those volunteering to GM will be cleared to sign up around noon on Friday, August 31. Everyone who bought their ticket before August 1 will be cleared to sign up around noon on Saturday, September 1. And everyone else will be cleared on Sunday, September 2 (except for people who haven't bought tickets yet, because we're not in that good of a relationship with time...). If you haven't made your Warhorn account and registered for Scarefest, you can do that right now!
And even though games are going up, that doesn't mean we're not still accepting GM proposals. If anyone you know might like to run a game this year, please send 'em right over to the form...we'd be delighted to hear from them.

Other News

Our friendly (possibly too friendly) Yeti

And still more things...

  • We still need a Minionette for the Saturday afternoon and evening slots. Be a Minionette! You get 1/3 off your ticket for each slot, just for sitting on your butt!
  • If you bought a ticket, you should have received a super secret email with a file attachment for a printable, foldable, face-covering thing. Have you made it yet? If so, make sure to sign up for the Super Secret Yeti Playtime Adventure slots when you sign up for Games on Warhorn. It's only for people who have followed all the super secret instructions!
  • Regardless of the above, we encourage everyone to come in costume. Minions will give you a free token for every day you do! Tokens are awesome!
Welcome to our ongoing section, Minion Corner, where we Minions get to tell you a little about our lives and what goes on outside the spotlight (Minion #22 has been taking a psychology course and says it will be "cathartic").

In our last missive, we ended with "Hopefully, whatever is happening won't be as bad as last year". We have no idea why we wrote that. Of course it's as bad as last year.

First and foremost, yesterday Minion #11 came running out of the bathroom and told us all to listen...and sure enough, coming up through the pipes, we could hear the faint sound of someone singing. It sounded a lot like David Bowie, actually, but we grabbed our candles and pitchforks and followed it to its source: Mountainmouth. Who has apparently learned to talk. And grown eyes. As above.

"Why, hello there..." it said when it saw us, and it smiled. Naturally, we all ran screaming back to the bunker. After several hours of hyperventilating, however, it eventually occurred to us that, probably, Mountainmouth was not able to hurt us (other than its singing), since it did still appear to be part of the wall. So on tremulous feet, we returned to the catacombs and greeted our new...addition. At first it seemed mildly offended by our previous reception, but eventually it returned to what is presumably its default state: smug amusement. It expresses itself in riddles, which it then refuses to clarify. For example, when we asked what used the tiny door, it replied that all doors are free to everyone. When we pointed out, quite reasonably, that we could never use such a door, as we are much too large, it simply replied "One side will make you grow smaller..." and then closed its eyes and pretended to sleep. It is the single most frustrating catwallthing we have ever encountered.

In other news, the clowns have stopped nervously checking their watches all the time, and have taken to standing in a large huddle at the edge of the encampment, staring into the edge of the woods. When Hilda was sent out to ask them what they were doing they told her to "hush". They told Hilda to hush. They told Hilda to hush. Now she's in a huff, and we all find ourselves behaving like the clowns..huddling together and staring at the woods with a growing sense of trepidation.

There is absolutely no way things are going to get better.
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