AVL Scarefest

Things are hopping around here...

Mostly just us Minions, as we frantically run back and forth with stacks of paperwork, trying not to step on the Tiny Turtles. But also the new herd of Baby Miniature Dire Goats which the Overlord obtained to do maintenance. Because, he/she/it says, we need to focus. It's very hard to focus when surrounded by oversized tiny baby goats trying to eat your computer cables.
Baby Miniature Dire Goat


Since we're only six weeks out, there were a few things we thought we should let you know, or possibly remind you about, in case you forgot. The short reminder list is:

On The Importance Of Meal Tickets...

According to Minion #23, who is tasked with wrangling the Number Crunching Faeries (yes, they're a thing, and no, they're not cute), only approximately half of you have purchased meal tickets for Scarefest. If this is because you are bringing your own food and/or prefer to skip some games slots to eat out, we completely support your decision. However, if you simply missed the possibility of the meal ticket or thought "Meh...who needs a meal ticket?" let us offer you some insight. We started offering meal tickets last year because many of you found it difficult to get out and get food and get back in time for games. So we arranged to have food provided on the conference center grounds. Some of those meals were...not as great as we hoped, so this year we're doing a combo of breakfasts up at the Assembly Inn, and lunches and dinners provided by food trucks and caterers. We have hopes that the food will be pretty great. And we know that it will enable you to be there at the beginning of all games slots. Therefore, if you are not planning on bringing your own food, please consider picking up a meal ticket. It's for your own good. We promise.

A few more quick notes:

  • We still have t-shirts and dice for sale. Good for increasing your Geek Cred.
  • We have exactly one room left at the Winsborough, and one room someone would like to give up at Assembly Inn. Contact us if you're interested in Assembly.
Yes, clowns.

Minion Corner...the clowns are coming.

Welcome to our ongoing section, Minion Corner, where we Minions get to tell you a little about our lives and what goes on outside the spotlight (Minion #22 has been taking a psychology course and says it will be "cathartic").
If you are interested in more insight into the life of a Minion, you may enjoy A Minion's Tale, the first part of which can be found here.

So much has happened in the past month, it's hard to know where to begin. The Baby Miniature Dire Goats have been a big adjustment. But that's not even the half of it. Obviously, there has been a predictable increase in the amount of nervous tics and random fits of screaming around the compound. That happens every year as the moment of Scarefest draws near. However, the ongoing eerie music and random smells of popcorn and -- yes -- cotton candy have heightened the tension to such a level that it has become not-uncommon for all the Minions to participate in late-night cry-ins and there was once even a group hug. And the Yeti keeps handing everyone pre-packaged chocolate snack cakes with a pleading look in his eyes. It's a nice gesture, and we all feel very guilty every time he does it.

On the positive side, Hilda does seem to be picking up the pace on her decorating efforts, though no one ever sees her work. She disappears down the path just after sunset each evening, twinkles back in just before the first rays of the sun in the morning...and in between somehow decorations appear. They are different than her last year's efforts, and at first we were unsure, but they're growing on us. They seem somehow...fitting...this year. We are confident you will all be pleased.

But on a final, disturbing, note, something happened last night we feel we must share, in case it becomes relevant to your health and safety. It was the wee hours of the morning, just before sunrise, when Hilda opened the door to the compound. We were all up, of course, since the Yeti rarely lets us sleep past 3AM, and we were huddled in the hallway sipping our coffee and preparing for the day. As the door opened wide to accommodate Hilda's (inevitably) grand entrance, we were horrified to observe that the woods behind her weren't merely filled with trees and swampodiles. No, the forest behind her was literally crawling with strange, unnerving creatures, their pale faces standing in stark contrast to their flashy clothing and bright red noses. Caught in frozen horror, we could only watch as the door began to close, and the creatures turned toward the compound in uniform slow-motion. And then they smiled.

The woods. They're full of clowns.
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