Just a few last minute notes...

First off, we'll be printing schedules tomorrow for everyone's convenience this weekend. This doesn't mean you *can't* change the games you're signed up for on Warhorn after today...just be aware that if you do, you'll have to keep up with what table you need to be at when via Warhorn during Scarefest.
(Also, the more folks who stick with their signups after today, the better idea all our GM's have of exactly what to prep)



Those who kindly offered to help set up before Scarefest, or have stuff they are letting us use during the con: we will be arriving on site around 11:00 Friday morning.  You are welcome at any point, but expect a mad rush for the first couple of hours!  There will be cupcakes to help us keep up steam...


Do you know where you're going?

You should have received a map of the conference center when you purchased your ticket, but if not (or if you've lost it) we have maps up on our site, here. 

If you are staying at the Winsborough Lodge, check in begins at 1:00 on Friday.  You can park right around the Lodge, and a Minion will be in the lobby handing out keys until 1:30.

If you're not staying at the Lodge, or if you arrive after 1:30, just go directly to the Gaming Hall and there will be a table right by the door with someone handing out schedules (and keys, for those who reserved a room) and helping everyone get oriented as to where their tables are. Games start at 2:00, so if you've signed up for that slot please do your best to be there on time!


That's it!

We're looking forward to seeing you all there for a super-amazing, scary-in-all-the-right-ways weekend!