And you thought it was safe...

That's right: Asheville Scarefest will be happening again this year, on the weekend of October 21-23, once again at the beautiful Montreat Conference Center in Black Mountain, NC.  Tickets, rooms, and meal tickets are all already on sale.  Ready, set, go...


Stuff about tickets

Early purchase tickets are on sale now for $20 for the entire weekend, or you can get a day pass for any of the three days for just $12.  If you purchase early, we'll send you an email the moment game registration on Warhorn opens, giving you a 24 hour jump on everyone else to sign up!  Click here to get your ticket now!


Stuff about lodging

We have inexpensive lodging available again this year at the Winsborough!  For those of you who missed it last year, the Winsborough is pretty much sleepaway camp in a haunted house.  It's pretty fab for the weekend-long con experience, and you can pick up your reservation right here.


Thinking you'd like a little more peace and quiet to your nights than the Winsborough typically offers?  We still have one room left in Assembly Inn, which you can pick up over here. 

Was that gone before you got there, but you'd really prefer another option than the Winsborough?  Contact Us and let us know...if there's sufficient interest we'll do our best to provide new options.


Stuff about food

The one recurring complaint we had last year was that it was hard to get out and get food and still get back in time for the next game session.  So this year, we've got you covered: we're offering weekend-long meal tickets to keep you well-fueled for gaming.  These include buffet-style breakfasts and dinners, and boxed lunches brought in to the gaming hall so you can keep on gaming.  And yes, Montreat is willing to work hard to accommodate various dietary needs, so if you have some special requirements you can note that when you get your ticket.  Which, by the way, is available right over here.

You are, of course, still welcome to bring your own food, or run out for dinner if you'd rather go that route.


Want to sign up to run a game?

We want to hear from you!  Please use this form to let us know what you'd like to run.  Running three games gets you in free (and we're working on sorting out rewards for running more).

Want to request a game to be run?  You can do that right here.  We'll do our best to get someone to run it for you.


More announcements coming soon!

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