It's true.  We need volunteers for the slaughter.

There's an open secret among those who have been running games for a long time: if you're running a game, you expect all your characters to die.  And yet, we come back time after time, carefully nurturing along all our NPCs, equipping them, working to understand them...only to have them die in horrible, gurgling agony (unless, of course, they die in silent, writhing agony because they've had their lips sewn shut...who are the good guys in this game, anyway?).

And yet, we're seeking GMs once again.

We feel your pain, we really do.  But that's the destiny of every carefully crafted NPC, and we need your help to make sure they fulfill their destiny.  Will you volunteer to run some games at this year's Scarefest?

(Not interested in running games?  That's OK, we can still be friends.  You can pick up your ticket to come play right here.)


All Non-PFS GMs Click Here

We've got a lovely little form you can fill out to let us know what you'd like to run.


PFS GMs Click Here

What can I say?  The gods demand you go in through a different door.  Gods are just like that, sometimes.


Want to run both PFS and Non-PFS?

Awesome.  We'll need you to fill out both forms, but your games will combine to qualify for the Perks listed below.


The Perks

Sure, we make our sacrifices, but we know that when the time comes, we will also reap our rewards.  So if you run 3 games, you get in to the entire con free.  And if you run 5, we'll toss a free t-shirt in there, as well.  Because you deserve it.  And we love you.  No really, you make this all possible.  Life (or at least Scarefest) would be nothing without you.


Got Questions?

Ask 'em.  We only live to serve.