Refer a friend, win a prize (maybe).

We know you all have your home groups you game with regularly.  Maybe you even have a few, depending on how much time you have on your hands.  Maybe you have massive online gaming connections all over the world.  We need your help getting those people to come to Scarefest.  We have a completely amazing schedule and awesome GMs...what we need now are tons of players!  So please tell everyone you know!  As a thank you, if your referrals name you as their referee when they buy their ticket (yep, there's now a field for that), we'll enter your name in the super special drawing for a magical set of dice.  

Those dice up there, in fact. A set of dice forged by a family of blind dwarves for an Appalachian witch who performed an ancient ritual over them that took 13 days and involved at least three chickens (no chickens were hurt in this process), a biscuit recipe her great great granny brought over from Scotland, and a jar of her own tears mixed with crabapple butter. Then she laid them in a faerie circle and we had to get the hedgehogs to carry them out one by one in their little mouths (because we're afraid of faeries).  Every person who lists you as a referee when they buy their ticket gets you an additional entry in the drawing for these priceless dice.


Terrain Building Party

Amazing 3D terrain can add a lot to a game, but it's often hard to make the time to actually do it.  So we're having a terrain building get together at Bryan and Olivia Martin's house on Sunday, September 18, from 12-5 PM.  We'll have hot glue guns and some basic supplies, you bring whatever you reckon you'll need and we'll all throw in, share techniques, and make some awesome stuff!  Let us know if you're coming and we'll get you directions!

(Pssst....that castle over there? It's one of our prizes we're giving away this year...)


Gotta great game? Want more folks to sign up?

You may have seen the individual game highlights we've been doing on Facebook and on our site.  If you'd like your game to be featured, feel free to make a promo image and send it over to us and we'll post it along with a summary of your game to encourage folks to sign up!  And if you're running a Sunday morning Brunchy(tm) session, feel free to make a promo for that, too!  We're hoping to build a visual list of everything that's on offer.  Images need to be 1024 x 512 pixels, and you can see examples here and over on our FB page.


More great stuff coming soon...

T-shirts will go on sale (probably) this week, stay tuned for info on our token system and prize giveaways (like that castle), the bad dice trade-in, and whether or not we will let the Yeti come to the conference.