Special GM Info Stuff...

Hi, GMs!  You should also have received a general, all-participant email from us, so this is just an addendum for you amazing folks who have volunteered your time to GM at Scarefest this year.  We know it's a lot to read, but please do take a few minutes and do so, for the sake of general conference-wide sanity points.  And as always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Special requests...

We're not a big con, and we have no intention of bossing you around.  But we do ask, if it's at all possible, that you do three things:

1) Be at your table 5 minutes before the start time for your session, so you can be ready to roll when the slot actually starts,

2) Try to remember the rating you gave your game, and keep the content within that rating if you can.  We understand that your control over players is limited, but there's always the possibility that someone actually paid attention to the ratings when signing up and cares about the level of torture-mutiliation/sexual content/things-that-require-brian-bleach they are exposed to.

3) Try to finish your game within the game slot.  Folks gotta eat, or they get hangry.  No one wants that. 

Note that if you do not have enough players to make a game by 5 minutes after the slot starts, just come find a Minion and we'll help get you and any players who did show up settled into other games.  It happens to everyone, from time to time.


Support we can offer...

We'll be delivering a water bottle to you every slot that you run, to help soothe your taxed vocal chords.  And if you run into any serious issues with players that you can't easily resolve at your table, don't hesitate to get the attention of the section Minion and ask for their help.  That's what we're here for.  Also, we will be handing out two tokens to you at every table you run, to be gifted to players who do awesome things like great role-playing, great leadership, sacrifice for other members of the party, etc.  How you reward them is at your discretion, but bear in mind that the idea is to reward great behaviour.  Encourage your players to hand them out in thanks for deeds done, laughs appreciated, and incisive insights, too!  Hopefully that concept is going to catch on, and make your life easier!


And for you PFS GMs...

At our PFS HQ desk, we will have a printed copy of every scenario we are running (But not Modules).   We have done our best to include the printed scenario, and every map that it contains, in the folder (but mistakes happen, please bring a blank flipmat and some dry-erase markers, just in case!).  Please treat these nicely, and return them to the PFS HQ desk with your reporting sheet at the end of every session you are running.  We really do need them back; some of them are even being run later in the weekend, and that  future GM (who may be you) also wants to have a printed copy of the scenario.

About 10-15 minutes into the slot we will be delivering PFS tokens to the players and you at the table.  Around the same time, we will ask all the GMs in the PFS area to roll a D20 die.  Highest rolling GM has just got one of their players a gift certificate!  We will ask the high rolling GM's players to all roll d20's and the highest roller there will get gift certificates for the Paizo store.  We hope that this process will be quick every slot, and you can go right back to your game as soon as you make the roll.  



Thank you so much! Your volunteering makes AVL Scarefest possible.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!