Thank you so much for coming to AVL Scarefest this year!

If you don't mind taking a few minutes to fill out our post-Scarefest feedback survey, we'd be super grateful.  We really pay attention to what you say, whether good or bad!  You can find the survey right over here.


Still want a t-shirt?

We had a bunch of people tell us that they hadn't bought a t-shirt...but once seeing them, they really wished they had!  So here's a one-time offer: if we can get 12 people who want a shirt by Monday, 11/7, we'll do another small run.  We'll even mail your shirt to you, if you're out of town.  If you'd prefer to avoid shipping rates, we'll have them at the Wyvern's Tale on PFS weekends (check out Warhorn for when those are).  You can get your shirt right here (and we will refund all payments on the 8th if we don't get to 12).  


Check out the gallery...

We have a lot of pics of you guys being your best gamer selves...check it out.  Yes, you look fabulous.



Finally, we just wanted to send our condolences to the players and NPCs who loved the following characters who died at Scarefest this year:

Elena, dearly departed character of Melissa Ames, who tried to take on a Grackle, hit herself in the head and bled out.

Wayne Matthems, dearly departed character of Tim Snider, who succumbed to a werewolf attack (though arachnophobia shakes were a contributing factor).

Spiff the Astrosapien, dearly departed character of Galen Fiore, who cast rope trick, failed, cast again, but the rope tied itself too slowly, so he cast flaming hands and failed...and was killed by a guard.

Billy Jean, dearly departed character of Matticus Finch, mauled by a small, stuffed Teddy bear.

Dmitri the Bear, dearly departed character of Kirby, who jumped on a grenade to save the party.

Andrea, dearly departed character of India Furney, who died tackling a werewolf and wrestling it midair into the water.

Dale Lambert, dearly departed character of Paul Maplesden, who encountered a blob made of white bloodcells which was covered in alcohol...he then set fire to the monster with a cigarette and tape dispenser.  Which resulted in the burning of a hospital and Dale's eventual incarceration.

Bruce Singleton, dearly departed character of Danny Stites, who saw tits, got wood, and was subsequently smacked to death.

Nagi the Panther, dearly departed character of Zach Ames, who was killed by a heat rune, used as an improvised weapon by a bloodrager, and then reanimated in an alarmingly grisly fashion.

Chad Erlos, dearly departed character of Nick Baumeister, who was crushed by a statue.

Richter Phase, dearly departed character of Bayne, who died of a broken heart (and a statue).

Hank Hill, dearly departed character of Casey Waters, who killed himself after killing his deranged wife.

Johnathan Weatherly, dearly departed character of Nathan Hale, who was taken out by little girls.  Last words heard were, "Aww...playtime's over."





Thanks, and see you next year!