Scarefest is almost upon us!

So we reckoned there are some things you'd probably like to know.  Like where to check in when you get there, where to get food, and is there really enough dark matter in the universe to make up for all the missing mass?  We can't answer all of those, but we'll do what we can...


Before the beginning...

Hopefully you've already signed up for the games you want on Warhorn.  If not, you should go do that right now:

You are welcome to change your schedule right up until Wednesday, 10/21.  Then, we need you to stop. Don't worry, we'll send a reminder email.  Warhorn doesn't let us lock registrations, but we need to print up all the schedules, so if you make changes after Wednesday we can't guarantee your changes can be accommodated, and the Scarefest Overlord will merely laugh at your screams...


Getting there: what to expect

You should have received a map of the conference center when you purchased your ticket, but if not (or if you've lost it) let us know and we'll get you another.  If you haven't purchased your ticket, you should probably go do that right now:

If you are staying at the Winsborough Lodge, check in begins at 1:00 on Friday.  You can park right around the Lodge, and a Minion will be in the lobby handing out keys until 1:30.

If you're not staying at the Lodge, or if you arrive after 1:30, just go directly to the Gaming Hall and there will be a table right by the door with someone handing out schedules (and keys, for those who reserved a room) and helping everyone get oriented as to where their tables are. Games start at 2:00, so if you've signed up for that slot please do your best to be there on time!

Oh, and since we mentioned the Winsborough...believe it or not, there's still one room left. Yeah, we have no idea how that's possible either, but if you've been wishing you didn't have to drive home each night, here's your chance to make it all better:


And then what?

Well, then you game 'till you drop.

What's that you say?  You require sustenance?  Oh, well in that case...

Black Mountain is a mere 5 minute drive away, and has many fantastic restaurants.  We have an hour break in between gaming sessions, so getting out and getting food should be pretty easy.  There are also several options for food delivery, but please be considerate of the fact that Montreat is made up of narrow little roads and we're not the only ones there; if you're going to have food delivered, consider finding others to put together a group order, so we don't wind up with twenty delivery vehicles lining the street.

Also, don't forget about the costume contest!

Saturday, during the 7:00-8:00 dinner break, everyone is welcome to participate in the costume contest.  Winners will be chosen by secret ballot in multiple categories.  And there are totally prizes.  And the prizes won't even eat you.  Because we care.


Don't forget to get your t-shirt!

We only have until October 9th to get together the order for the screen printer, so if you want one, now is definitely the time to order it.   Seriously, $20 for a t-shirt which will make you look cooler than everyone else, and all proceeds go to reserving a space for next year's Scarefest.  It's clearly a win/win:



Don't forget to spread the word!

We still have tickets!  Let folks know you're coming and bring them along.  The more, the merrier!