Have you ever been slowly devoured over three centuries by a creature which looks like a cross between a shoggoth and a bandersnatch and smells worse than Cthulhu's crotch after he's just woken up from a three thousand year bender in R'lyeh?  Would you like to be?

Neither would we.

And yet, that's just what's going to happen to us if you don't go pay for your ticket to Asheville Scarefest right away: Go Here To Make Things Right . **

You see, the Dark Overlord of Scarefest is seriously uptight about paperwork. And this morning he/she/it roused itself from his/her/its dark musings to go prowling about the paperwork room.  And our Overlord was Displeased, and Demanded Attrition. Basically, he/she/it noticed that a number of people had signed up for games on Warhorn, but not bought a ticket.  And you are one of them.  Emailing you was not the first course of action our Overlord suggested...but when we pointed out that eating us would only mean no one was left who could use a keyboard, it agreed that perhaps it was worth one final shot.

So here's the deal: go pick up your ticket, so we won't get eaten.  If you don't buy your ticket within the next five days (by Friday, October 16), we'll have to remove you from the games you signed up for on Warhorn.  For your own good.  Or, more honestly, for ours, but we have no idea what the Overlord would do next if we weren't here to intervene.  At the very least, you'd probably have terrific nightmares for weeks.  

Please, please take the heroic step of shelling out your ten dollars.

With our deepest gratitude,

The Scarefest Paperwork Minions

** It is possible that you are receiving this message as a result of someone else purchasing a ticket for you.  In which case, we're awfully sorry about the hassle, but could you please email us and let us know under whose name your ticket was purchased?  That way we can reconcile our books and placate You Know who.

Also, it's possible you're a GM who is running enough games to get a free ticket.  And we want you to know how much we sincerely appreciate you.  And we still need you to go through the ticket-buying process with the Secret Code we sent you.  Because, you know.  Paperwork.