Prize Preview – Signed Wayne Reynolds print of Pathfinder Iconic Feiya

When Paizo started making adventure paths, they realized that they were asking artists for “A cleric who worships a sun god”, or “A fighter with two swords.”   As they started producing more and more products, including Rise of the Runelords, and preparing to release Pathfinder, a decision was made …

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Prize Preview: Chainmail Earrings and the Tiny Badass Top

hand-machined top by overmetalworks

Both of today’s prize preview prizes were donated by local fabricator of amazing things, OberMetalWorks. They specialize in chainmail (and otherwise hand-linked) jewelry, hand-machined beads and rings, and the most badass little tops you have ever seen. Here’s what they are chipping in this year: Chainmail Earrings OK, they’re technically …

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