Scarefest 2 Feedback Survey

Welcome to the second ever AVL Scarefest feedback form. Please be assured your responses are confidential and we will make no attempt to trace them to you as a human being (or whatever else you might do you). Unless we know you pretty well, in which case we may not be able to not know it's you, but we'll do our best. Try wearing a mustache.

1. First, the basics: did you come for one day, or the whole weekend?

2. How would you rate your overall experience at Scarefest this year?"

3. What'd you think of the game selection? Did we offer enough variety? The kind of games you wanted to play? What game should we have had more of, or did we leave out entirely but you'd like it there next year?

4. So, how did you like the Sunday morning brunch session?

5. Any suggestions for how we can make it better?

6. And while we're on the topic of experimental efforts, what did you think of the token system? Was it a good addition?

7. Thoughts on the prize selection and distribution system? We had a lot of stuff to give away this year, but that meant we developed categories which confused a lot of people. Was it OK in the end, or do you have any ideas about a system that might work better?

8. OK, this is for those of you who stayed in the Winsborough: How was it?

9. And all you Assembly Inn people in the were your digs?

10. One week before Halloween good? Or should we consider two weeks before Halloween, instead?

11. How was the schedule? Did we start too early, end too late? Should we run 24 hours a day?

12. If you got a meal ticket: was it acceptable? Worth the money you paid? If you're vegan...go ahead and hit us; we're braced for you.

13. Does the ticket price feel low, high, or just right for what you get?

14. Was there anything that you wished our vendor sold, that wasn't available?

15. What do you think could use attention and improvement for next year?

16. What did you love?

17. Tell us whatever else you think we should know:

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