Scarefest 3 Feedback Survey

Welcome to the third ever AVL Scarefest feedback survey! We're playing 20 questions! Please be assured your responses are confidential and we will totally not sit around for hours dissecting your submissions and trying to piece together who said what. No possibility of that at all. Because we're not into dissection. Usually.


1. First, the basics: did you come for one day, or the whole weekend?

2. How would you rate your overall experience at Scarefest this year?"

3. How would you rate your overall gaming experience (leaving out things like venue, lodging, etc.)?

4. How would you rate the venue overall (location, gaming hall, and lodging)?

5. What'd you think of the game selection? Did we offer enough variety? The kind of games you wanted to play? What game should we have had more of, or did we leave out entirely but you'd like it there next year?

6. So, how did you like the new systems of distributing prizes? Seem fair and fun?

7. Any suggestions for how we can distribute that boatload of prizes more effectively next year? [Remember: we might have even more...]


8. If you purchased lodging, where did you stay? [If you didn't stay on-site this year, you can skip to #9]
The WinsboroughAssembly InnGlen Rock ApartmentNone of the Above

OK, this is for those of you who stayed in the Winsborough: How was it?

And all you Assembly Inn people in the were your digs?

And can we get a shout out from the Glen Rock Apartment people?

Scheduling, past and future:

9. How was the schedule? Did we start too early, end too late? Were the slots long enough for the games? What would you think about making all the sessions half an hour shorter, and starting Saturday morning later or making lunch longer?

10. Should we consider expanding to be a four day convention? And if so, should we start on Thursday, or finish on Monday?

11. Would you be interested in participating in a one-session, horror-themed LARP, if it was available next year?

Other purchases:

12. If you got a meal ticket: was it acceptable? Worth the money you paid? Would you be willing to pay a bit more to have all the meals be like Sunday lunch?

13. Were you happy with your shirt and/or dice?

14. Does the convention ticket price feel low, high, or just right for what you get?

15. Was there anything that you wished our vendor sold, that wasn't available?

Qualitative Feedback:

16. What do you think could use attention and improvement for next year?

17. Were there elements of our event you feel were just...unnecessary? You didn't hate them, but you totally didn't care about them, either?

18. OK, what did you love?

19. What are we missing? Stuff you desperately want to see at Scarefest, but it has yet to appear...?

20. Tell us whatever else you think we should know:

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