AVL Scarefest 2018 T-Shirt


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You know the thing about con t-shirts…they show you were there when it happened. They provide you geek cred, show off your impeccable style sense, and (arguably) provide you an alibi [Legal Disclaimer: we are not saying having an AVL Scarefest 2018 t-shirt will hold up in court, but it might…].

This year’s shirt features the always-malevolent AVL Scarefest spider on both front breast and full back, along with this year’s tagline on the backside:

AVL Scarefest 4: Fourwarned is not Four-Armed

Because, just like you, we can’t resist a terrible pun. No, you know you can’t, don’t even try.

And, just to show we always listen, this year we are offering you color options (why anyone wants t-shirts in something other than black is beyond us, but we’re sure you have your reasons). You can now choose black and blue. Yes, we did that on purpose. You’re welcome.

You know you want one. Or two. Or, hell, go ahead and buy three…just in case something rips holes in the other two. [Legal Disclaimer: Our Yeti is extremely tame and will definitely not rip holes in your shirt. The werewolf is totally “approach at your own risk”, though.]