AVL Scarefest 5: Full Package

From: $333.50 $325.50

The Minions appreciate it when you buy all the things at once. It cuts down on the paperwork. Slightly.

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Yes! Buy all the things! No need to lurk in the back row, wondering if we’ll still have dice when you get to the front of the line…you can get all your Scarefest needs fulfilled in one place: right here, right now. And to say thank you for going all in, there’s a little discount built on top.

The Full Package includes:

  • One or more AVL Scarefest 5 Weekend Passes
  • A room at the Winsborough Lodge for the weekend
  • The option of adding Thursday night at the Lodge
  • A Meal Ticket to keep you fed for the weekend…
  • Scarefest 5 Dice
  • Scarefest 5 T-Shirt
  • An optional AVL Scarefest official custom adventure map