AVL Scarefest Custom Adventure Map


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Hand-drawn specifically for Scarefest, and incorporating much of the Scarefest canon, we are very pleased to be able to offer this awe-inspiring map of the conference environs. Is that a Yeti? Why, yes, yes it is. The map will also guide you in finding (or avoiding) such long-time Scarefest residents as the Baby Miniature Dire Goats or the Tiny Turtle Breeding Grounds. The map, itself, is printed at 24×36 inches (standard poster size) on Royal Sundance felt PC White 100lb. paper, and offset printed to maintain the hand-drawn look. And each map comes embossed with The Overlord’s seal of approval, and It’s signature, making this a unique and unduplicatable artifact.

What? You need more prompting? How about this: half of the price for each map will be donated to this year’s charity, the WNCCHS Transgender Health Program. Now are you happy? You made us into better creatures today…