AVL Scarefest Dice


Step right up and getyer Scarefest dice right here! We will never sell these dice again! Sold in packs of quadruplets! Get 'em while you can!

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For years you guys have asked our Minions why we didn’t have custom dice. And the poor Minions had no answer, other than “Because the Overlord is…er…a super great guy. Best not to question.”

However, word finally got back to the Overlord that custom dice were a thing (rumor around here is that it was Hilda the vampire who finally got the guts to break it down for him/her/it), and they relented. So this year, not only will you receive two official AVL Scarefest 3 dice with your registration packet, but you can also purchase dice from a one-time run for years 1&2! We will never make these dice again (because the Overlord says so), so if you want ’em, this is your one and only shot. Also, feel free to buy additional dice for this year’s event…you know you want more than two.

Please note that our dice are available in packs of four (4).