AVL Scarefest **KIDS** T-Shirt


Just like adult shirt…but for proto-adults.

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We know what you’re thinking: Why on earth would anyone want to dress their kid up in a nerdy, pseudo-gothy t-shirt with a large spider (and a bad pun) on the back? We thought the same thing, and then we considered that people have purchased lawn darts, Furbies, and a game in which you literally attempt to remove a man’s bones and organs through gaping holes in his skin and the only challenge is not to disturb him and we thought…sure. Why not?

And now you’re probably thinking “Why on earth would a child’s t-shirt cost approximately twice as much as an adult t-shirt? It requires only half as much fabric?!” To which we reply, “Screen printing plate set up versus number of shirts printed, supply-demand, art==economics, and consider it proof that you love your kids”. And don’t forget to remind them of that every time you see them in this shirt.

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