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This is your lodging of choice if you want a true haunted house experience and/or to party all night. There are many room configurations available, but please note that some rooms share a bathroom with other rooms (there are locks on both sides of the doors).


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Please use the field below to list the names of everyone who will be staying in this room. If you’re planning on throwing an air mattress on the floor or whatever, that’s fine; Montreat just asks us for all the names. ↓ ↓ ↓

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The¬†Winsborough has developed a bit of a…reputation. It’s basically a spooky stone lodge with tons of ambiance, a wonderful, loungey lobby downstairs, and a meeting room upstairs which turns out to be perfect for all night gaming. It also turns out not to be super soundproof, so if you are a delicate flower who requires eight hours of beauty sleep each night…you probably want to bring some ear plugs.

However, if you’re up for the full Sleepaway Camp, Gaming Marathon experience, here’s where you buy your ticket. Thrifty and bathed in a youthful, devil-may-care attitude. You’re awesome.

Your purchase here covers a lodge room for both Friday and Saturday nights.