Room for the Pre-party


Join us a day early for decorating, grilling, drinking, and probably a number of wildly inappropriate card games.

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Names of people sleeping in the room *

‘Cause Montreat likes to know…



We had so much fun at last year’s pre-party that we decided to do it again this year! Unfortunately, the Winsborough was already booked for the Thursday night before Scarefest…but the Hickory wasn’t. For those who haven’t been there before, the Hickory is a much smaller, more traditional-style camp lodge house. There are 10 rooms with two twin beds per room, and a couple of shared baths and a communal kitchen. So the downside is that we’ll all have to move our stuff from the Hickory to the Winsborough on Friday…but the upside is the Hickory has a much more extensive kitchen and an outdoor pavilion with grilling pits. Fire, y’all.

Optionally, if you are already reserving a room at Assembly Inn for the weekend, you can add Thursday night to that purchase when you reserve your room there (and wander away from the party to the blissful quiet of your schmancy lodgings whenever you like).

What will the pre-party entail, you ask?

  • You have the option of coming a bit early and helping us decorate the gaming hall (that’s totally optional, but surprisingly fun),
  • You accept the requirement of coming with your party hat on,
  • You recognize that it’s entirely possible you won’t get enough any sleep,
  • But you know it’ll be totally worth it.

We will also have the fire pit/grills going for those who want to cook out, or there are a number of restaurants in the area which will deliver takeout. And you are welcome to drink all the booze you can truck in.

Check in on Thursday opens at 3:00.

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