One week, and the stress is killing us. Or maybe that's the redcaps...

Minion #22 recently informed us that, according to science, anxiety and excitement have exactly the same affects on the human body (and if it works for humans, we assume it will apply to us?), so if you're nervous, you just have to convince yourself you're excited, instead. Which is great, until you have 29 Minions all jumping up and down going "Squee!" at once, in order to distract themselves from the creatures literally wearing blood soaked rags as hats, with whom we are supposed to coordinate an event.

Whatever happens, the show must go on, and so we're taking these few precious moments to get you the details you need to survive.

What to Bring

Obviously, dice and pencils and nerd accessories are a good idea. Other things you might consider:

  • Coffee/Tea Mug (we provide coffee, but we'd love it if you wouldn't use a disposable cup)
  • Ear Plugs (particularly if staying in the Winsborough)
  • Sweater/Coat/Cloak (it gets chilly in the mountains at night)
  • A Mask (to blend in with the fae folk
  • Games and accessories to trade at the Board Game Swap at the Sunday morning Goblin Market.
  • Art -- If you're an artist and would like to show off your work, we still have some space! Let us know what you're bringing, and we'll make sure to have display space for you.

Where Is Everything?

You can find a map with parking, the gaming hall (Freeland), the Winsborough, and Assembly Inn on our site.

Where Do I Check In?

All convention registration packets can be picked up as you enter Freeland Hall. If you're staying at Assembly Inn, the front desk there will have your key. If you're staying at the Winsborough, your key will be with your registration packet.

What's Happening Thursday?

We welcome any and everyone to come help us set up on Thursday. The first Minions will be arriving at Freeland Hall around 11 AM, and we'll be there until around dinnertime, at which point we will go eat food, and then retire to the Winsborough for a quiet night of socializing and board games before the con begins on Friday (we're sharing the Winsborough with another group on Thursday night, so the 5th AVL Scarefest christening party will be a quieter affair than sometimes...but we guarantee good, nerdy company).
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It's Not Too Late To Bring A Friend!

The more folks know about and attend AVL Scarefest, the more games will open up and the more choices everyone has. So don't forget to tell everyone about us (and use your Referral Code so you get compensated!).

Minion Corner

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
Welcome to our ongoing section, Minion Corner, where we Minions get to tell you a little about our lives and what goes on outside the spotlight (Minion #22 has been taking a psychology course and says it will be "cathartic").
Things we have learned this week: The Yeti is not, at this time, hanging out with Puxatawny Phil in our VHS copy of Groundhog Day (though Minion #13 did find a hank of white fur inside the tape cover, which is provocative); Tooth Faeries and Number Crunching Faeries are closely related (a fact the NCF's were not happy to talk about. At all.); the ice machine in the Winsborough is making very strange noises which sound distinctly like 50,000 tiny, shrill voices all singing at once, and every one of them is off-key; undead baby unicorns are surprisingly easy to take care of, and have wonderful smiles.

So that's where we are: no Yeti, so inundated by fey folk that we're starting up pick up trivia, and fighting over who gets to sleep with the undead baby unicorn because that's literally the best thing in our lives. And also the one that comes closest to making sense. Which is pretty disturbing in itself, when you stop to think about it.

No matter how all this goes down, some of us will see you all in a week. Please remember that we're sharing this space (albeit multidimensionally) with a population of insane, probably bloodthirsty, definitely entirely unpredictable fae creatures for the weekend, so consider bringing a mask to blend in with their Masquerade. Also, don't eat food from other dimensions.

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