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Seeking willing sacrifices!

Our Storytellers/GMs/DMs/Elders/Etc. are the heart and soul of Scarefest. Each year we send out the call...asking all of you who have stories you wish to share to sign up and accept the joy and burden of being an AVL Scarefest GM (for short...it's a lot of possible titles, OK?). Every year, many of you answer, putting your free time, your resources, and sometimes your sanity at our disposal for the sake of making this one of the best cons in existence. Thank you. And with humble hearts, we are asking again...
Please note that PFS/SFS signups use a separate form, due to the nature of their organized play. If you'd like to run PFS or SFS, please use this form right here:

What kind of games will be there!

We have a number of games already planned for this year!
  • Pathfinder Society will be running Special #6-00: Salt of the Ocean on Saturday afternoon. Extra bonuses will be handed out for dressing up as a pirate!
  • Starfinder Society will be offering Special #6-99: The End Awakens on Friday!
  • We will once again be offering a World of Darkness Vampire LARP!
  • D&D 5th edition!
  • Old Gods of Appalachia!
  • Delta Green!
  • Scarefest Stories #5 (we're still working on a title, OK?)
We're really excited to have you all back this year, so come play with us and tell your friends to come play with us, too!

Speaking of this year...it's gonna be the last.

At least...as it's been. We have been informed that Montreat Conference Center, great friend to us that it has been for the last decade, is moving into a different era of its life and needs to spend more time developing its own programming. So, sadly, that means we are in search of a new home for 2025. Don't worry...the Overlord is hard at work finding a new location where we can all entrench, literally take root (in the case of Minion #101), get our claws in (that's...a lot of us, honestly), etc.

We'll be keeping you posted, but for now just know that this is the last year the Classic AVL Scarefest Experience (TM) will be offered! If you haven't gotten your ticket yet...maybe go do that now.

Sharing matters to us

Please tell all your friends so they will come play with us!
It's not a cult! Probably!
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