Assembly Inn Room


A room at the lovely (and quiet) Assembly Inn for Friday and Saturday nights (and Thursday if you want it!).

Please note: if we are out of the type of Assembly Inn room for which you were looking, or if you would like to stay Thursday night and do not currently see that option available, feel free to contact us and we will make inquiries as to whether we can get any more. 

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While the Winsborough is just overflowing with character, some people prefer a place to actually sleep. In comfort. And quiet. If that sounds like you, then Assembly Inn is where you want to be. The Inn itself is a castle-reminiscent structure, with a commanding view of Montreat. It’s also where breakfast is served, if you pick up a meal ticket.

Note that there are two types of rooms on offer this year: single rooms (all of which have 2 twin beds and a private bathroom), and queen beds (which have just the one queen-sized bed, and a private bath).