It's been two years of limping across a freezing hellscape, wondering how you save your friends without plummeting off the cliff, yourself (it's not selfish if you know you're the protagonist). Endless expanses of silence, uninterrupted by the sound of dice rolling across a tabletop, or the explosive cry of "Fireball!" Eventually it was just you, putting one foot in front of the other, wondering what it all meant.

Did you think we wouldn't still be there? Did you stop looking over your shoulder? Stop wondering what that distant howl might mean?

How foolish.

It meant we were right behind you, every stop of the way.

And now we're in front of you.
Yeah, that's weird, we know. It's...uh...a space/time anomaly. Caused by the...psychoimplosive distortion of the Plague Years. Definitely that.

ANYWAY, that's not the point. The point is that we're coming back this year. We've been assured by Madame Anglemort that nothing blocks this future, now. We've been assured that it will be fine...

Mark Your Calendars for Oct. 21-23, 2022!! Do it!!

we miss you...

We're putting tickets on sale early this year, because...well, because after two years in the bunkers, we don't actually have a lot of reserves, anymore. The Yeti eats a lot. So look for tickets to go on sale next month (that's February...you're welcome). Don't worry, we'll be in touch when it's about to happen.

In the meantime, how about a game? It only hurts a little...

AVL Scarefest organizer Amie Tracey and long-time Minions Andy Gmitter and Clara Tracey made a game during the Plague Times, and it's super emotional and surreal and probably depressing, but in a good way, and then maybe uplifting in a weird way. Anyway, it's on Kickstarter now. Check it out and consider supporting local game designers (not to mention their little baby startup gaming company that has an adorable logo and you can get stickers if you help them out).

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It's not a cult! Promise!
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