It is time...

The Minions have been dusting off the old machinery, oiling the gears, tuning the screams...and now it's time for you to do your part. Have a game you've been dying to run for two years? We'd love for you to come run it at AVL Scarefest. You'll have the full support of our Minions, and quite honestly, our players are just the best. Seriously.

In appreciation for all the work our storytellers put into their games, we offer 1/3 off ticket price for each slot in which they run a game, and a free t-shirt at 5 games. So what are you waiting for? Let's make this Scarefest one we'll always remember...

GM Signup Form (non-PFS)

^^ That's a link! Click it and tell us about your plans! ^^

PFS GM Signup/Player Interest Form

^^ That's also a link! Just for the PFS people, because they have extra stuff. That one is also for anyone wanting to *play* PFS, to indicate interest. ^^

Mark Your Calendars for Oct. 21-23, 2022!! Do it!!

we miss you...

We're hoping to have tickets up for sale in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that announcement!

Support our Plague Years Baby!

There's only two days left in the Kickstarter campaign for I Still Dream of My Father, the single-player game of emotional trauma and surreal nightmares inspired by the slowly swirling madness of The Plague. The Thing our Overlord and some Minions spent two whole years on when they couldn't make a conference for you! Please check it out!

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It's not a cult! Promise!
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