The bell tolls for thee...

Or, at least, it's tolling for us. We Minions thought we might just...sleep in a little, this year. After all, two years of no conference has been...quiet. Peaceful. Blissfully free of paperwork. So even though The Overlord popped in once or twice to mention that we're back on schedule this year, we kind of thought it was joking. Or at least, in much too much of a fuss over it all.

Until the alarms went off this morning.

Have you ever woken up inside the bell tower of a massive cathedral on some particularly auspicious day when all the many, many bells are ringing at once?


Well, really, what are you doing with your nights? But in any event let us assure you that it is very, very loud. The alarms this morning were louder. They surely heard them through all the nine layers of hell. Including ours.

So we're awake! And...slowly remembering how to do this thing. The Tiny Turtles seem to have survived the long hiatus (to be fair, we did find a number of them tucked into our beds); the clown encampment seems to have kept the miniature baby dire goats not only alive, but thriving. The Yeti is...nowhere to be found. But we haven't left the bunker to check the ice maker in the Winsborough, yet, so we figure he's probably there.

In any event...we're doing this. So you have to, too.

GMs Needed!

Somehow a reasonably good roster of games has accumulated in the corner while we slept. Almost like the Paperwork Monsters wanted to...give something back.

It's weird, but we'll take it.

Nevertheless, we still need you! If you've got a game or three that you'd love to run for our incredibly kind and amusing players, please let us know! 1/3 off a weekend pass for every game you run!

What's new this year?

Well, as we mentioned, we've been a little out of it. But...there does seem to be the compound. Strange whispers from the vending machines. Cracks in the floor that we're almost certain were not there before. The fact that the goldfish are still living when no one has fed them in two years. Seeing other people's faces when looking in the mirror.

Some of these are obviously more disturbing than others. The goldfish thing is really getting to me.

And then there are the dreams. One thing we've done a lot of in the last two years is sleep. And comparing notes, one thing all those dreams seem to have in common is the frequent presence of the Top Hatted Man and his...friends. Appearing out of nowhere and disappearing as abruptly. Fanning cards past our faces and ushering herds of rabbits out of their hats. Screaming desperately from slowly closing boxes, destined to be sawn in half.

But it's probably nothing. At the very least, I'm sure it will be all right once we find the Yeti. The Yeti is very good at singing bad dreams away...


Also, there's t-shirts.

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