Want to stay at Assembly Inn? You need to tell someone!

So, the way it works is Montreat asks us how many rooms at Assembly Inn we want to reserve each year, and we have to try to guess how many you lovely folks will want to rent. We can make up any number we want...until this point in the year, where--yes, three months out from the convention--we actually have to commit to that guess.

What that means for you is you need to either go ahead and reserve your room at Assembly Inn if you want to stay there, or if for whatever reason you can't reserve it right now but you know you're going to, reach out to us and let us know. That way we'll include it in the rooms we commit to reserving and you'll be sure to be able to get it later.

We have to turn in final room numbers this Thursday, so please reserve your room by END OF DAY ON WEDNESDAY so we can know what we need to tell Montreat. Thank you. :)

ALSO, WE STILL NEED STORYTELLERS! Please consider running a game or two. You won't regret it!

GM Signup Form (non-PFS)

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PFS/SFS GM Signup Form

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Creepy Doll Contest!

You fine folk have participated in all kinds of shenanigans with us over the years...tea parties, animal masks, snowball fights with the Yeti... The level of hijinks with which you are willing to engage is one of the things we love best about this community. So here's the plan for this year:

Creepy dolls are creepy. And, it seems, invasive. So we are tasking you with bringing your creepiest, most blood-curdling, most that-is-just-not-right Small Friend to AVL Scarefest for a Creepy Doll Contest!

Whether found in the wild or lovingly crafted by hand, as long as it's safely captured and quelled bring it on and our panel of Expert Creepy Doll Judges will evaluate your efforts! May the best entity win!!

> n.b. Yes, it can be a stuffie. No, it cannot be a full-size mannequin. Oh, wait...yes, yes it can. If you can get hold of a full-sized mannequin and creepify it up, you absolutely must. Besides, think of the fun if the cops pull you over on the way to the convention...

And then Minion #23 saw this.

It was what has come to be a Normal Day at the Minion compound...most of us wandering aimlessly in the hallways, bumping into each other as we blearily try to remember what we are supposed to be doing at this point in the year. Baby miniature dire goats everywhere. Tiny Turtles skittering slowly to the sides of the room to avoid half-asleep Minions treading inadvertently upon them. The goldfish swimming in circles (to be fair, that's basically all they've ever done). The Yeti feverishly ordering Oreos online like he's stockpiling for the apocalypse.

And then Minion #23 came racing into the room with a whale of a tale. They claimed to have been wandering aimlessly, as previously mentioned, when they found themself in a hallway in the compound they had never seen before. As they continued to lurch along, the hallway got darker and darker, and eventually the cinder block walls gave way to richly coloured curtains and wooden floors. From somewhere they heard the tinkle of tinny music. Like from a jack in the box, they said. And then they rounded a corner and encountered this ^^^ (artistic recreation of the moment supplied by Minion #23, who is suddenly more awake than they've been all year).

A giant, floating doll's head. Just hanging there. As if it had any right. And then, shuffle-twitching their way into the light..were the dolls. Hundreds of them. Little glassy eyes reflecting the dim light, little plastic and porcelain faces eerily similar and yet uncannily unique...and sharp, little knives in hand.

And then they spoke in unison and said, "Come out and play..."

We don't know what they would have offered. Monopoly, perhaps. Or Yahtzee (the Yeti particularly likes Yahtzee). But that will remain forever a mystery, because at that point Minion #23 turned tail and ran.

Which is...understandable. We guess.

Mark Your Calendars for Oct. 20-22, 2023!! Do it!!

we miss you...

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