Our Abettors

This is where we get to humbly thank all those folks who have aided and abetted us in turning this year’s Scarefest into the mindboggling masterpiece it is destined to be.  They have slaved for us, inspired us, and given generously of their worldly goods so that we can provide a space for you to roll dice with all your friends (and, if you’re lucky, your nemeses).  If you see them at Scarefest, please bow deeply.  If you like what they create, please patronize their websites so they will want to play with us again next year.

In Obsequious Obsiescence
–The Scarefest Minions

Those who raised us up right…

  • The Wyvern's TaleThe Wyvern’s Tale, purveyors of all the finest geek needs, long-suffering nest maintainers, and valued friends.

Those who gave stuff…

  • Adventure Scents, creators of realistic scent special effects based on common adventure locations, donators of scintillating snuffing supplies.
  • AngelariumAngelarium, creator of stunning fantasy artwork showing you angels in a whole new light…
  • Axolote GamingAxolote Gaming, designer of exceptionally detailed downloadable designs for 3D printing.
  • Brick WarriorsBrick Warriors, creators of Lego-compatible brick sets to accessorize and complete your characters and dioramas.
  • CAFCON 2018 LOGOCAFCON, A fantasy, gaming, and roleplaying convention just down the hill from us in Morganton, NC, donator of two tickets to their con.
  • Darksilver ForgeDarksilver Forge, purveyors of amazingly cool gaming supplies, donators of Chtulhu-themed dice and dice trays.
  • DoubleExposureDouble Exposure, facilitators of gaming convention goodness.
  • DragonForce GamingDragonforce Gaming, retailer of new and used gaming merchandise.
  • Elderwood Academy Elderwood Academy, Mindbogglingly good dice accessories.
  • Drivethru RPGDrivethru RPG, providing all the downloadable RPG content you ever dreamed of.
  • Gaming PaperGaming Paper, developer of a low-cost alternative to expensive battlemaps and tile sets, donators of assorted dungeon maps and adventure sets.
  • Goblinoid GamesGoblinoid Games, donator of copies of the Cryptworld and Rotworld RPG systems. Whether you’re discovering or revisiting the roots of old-school roleplaying, Goblinoid Games has you covered. If you’re looking for the feel of the retro-editions of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game, classic post-apocalyptic science fantasy, or other old-school games, you’re in the right place. It’s time to leave page-long stat blocks and hour-long combats behind to rediscover what was fun about gaming.
  • Goodman GamesGoodman Games, creators of the infamous Dungeon Crawl Classics, among other retro madness.
  • Hero Hunter ComicsHero Hunter Comics, purveyor of comic books and all the best of geekery, just next door in Candler, NC.
  • James BeckerJames Becker, crafter of wooden dice and full size shields. Font of wonder.
  • John Wick Presents - 7th SeaJohn Wick Presents, developer of the famous 7th Sea RPG, and donator of a core rulebook.
  • Legendary Games, publishers of expansion content for Pathfinder and D&D 5e.
  • Limitless AdventuresLimitless Adventurers, creators of high-quality campaign extensions for D&D 5e.
  • Miniature MarketMiniature Market, donator of multiple RPG sourcebooks, and online purveyor of nearly every kind of gaming geekery you can think of.
  • Nerdy ShowNerdy Show, specializing in podcasts and dedicated to geeky programming for all nerds across the multiverse: nerd culture, nerd news, and nerd music. Donators of a Ghostbusters Franchise Kit!
  • Nord GamesNord Games, donator of the Steampunked Time Machine card game and the Ultimate Bestiary and related pawn set, creators and specialists in all things involving gaming geekery.
  • PaizoPaizo, creator of the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs, donators of boons and gift certificates.
  • RPG Crate, creators of an excellent monthly shipment program including up to a dozen different products ranging from dice and miniatures to full length adventures and books.
  • Savage KingdomsSavage Kingdoms, donator of a core rulebook and the sourcebook The Savage East, creator of the local RPG that grew to see big things.
  • Skullsplitter DiceSkullsplitter Dice, purveyors of all things dicey, and donators of approximately a zillion dice, among other things.
  • Slugfest GamesSlugfest Games, creator of innovative board games and donator of The Red Dragon Inn and The Red Dragon Inn:
    Battle for Greyport.
  • mugs designed by Tim SniderTim Snider, creator of a large assortment of nerdy things (including Cryptworld RPG), for the donation of two classic dungeon map mugs.
  • Wyrmwood Gaming Supplies, creators of exquisite dice vaults, dice trays, and more!

Those who sponsored us…

  • The DripolatorThe Dripolator, amazing coffee and pastries in downtown Black Mountain, NC

Those who damn near killed themselves making this all work…


  • Amie TraceyAmie Tracey, Top Minion, possible Dark Overlord (who is not thanking herself and is only on here because the Minions said she belonged in the staff listing).
  • Bryan MartinBryan Martin, Chief Minion
  • Scott Bayne, Minion in charge of people things.
  • James BeckerJames Becker, Minion in charge of people things
  • Andy GmitterAndy Gmitter, Multigame Madness Minion
  • Olivia MartinOlivia Martin, Chief Decorating Minion.
  • Michael TraceyMichael Tracey, Minion in charge of PFS things
  • Caedmon TraceyCaedmon Tracey, Sub-Minion in charge of PFS things.
  • Luke WithrowLuke Withrow, Tech Minion


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