Our Abettors

This is where we get to humbly thank all those folks who have aided and abetted us in turning this year’s Scarefest into the mindboggling masterpiece it is destined to be.  They have slaved for us, inspired us, and given generously of their worldly goods so that we can provide a space for you to roll dice with all your friends (and, if you’re lucky, your nemeses).  If you see them at Scarefest, please bow deeply.  If you like what they create, please patronize their websites so they will want to play with us again next year.

In Obsequious Obsiescence
The Scarefest Minions

Those who raised us up right…

The Wyvern's Tale

The Wyvern’s Tale, purveyors of all the finest geek needs, long-suffering nest maintainers, and valued friends.

Those who gave stuff…

Those who damn near killed themselves making this all work…

Amie TraceyAmie Tracey, Minion #23


Scott Bayne, Minion #820



Beth Dowty, Minion #17

Andy GmitterAndy Gmitter, Minion #29



Chris Hamilton, Minion #233

James Hemphill, Minion #fish

Paul MaplesdenPaul Maplesden, Minion #42



Bryan MartinBryan Martin, Minion #e



Olivia MartinOlivia Martin, Chief Decorating Minion.

Michael TraceyMichael Tracey, Minion Null

Clara TraceyClara Tracey, Minion #66 repeating.

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