AVL Scarefest Purchase Policies

Here’s what you probably ought to know about buying stuff here:

  1. Ticket purchases can be refunded up until September 30, 2022.  After that, we’ll refund you 50% until October 7, 2019.  Then we’re not going to issue any more refunds (think of it as compensating us a bit for all the time and money we’ve already put into printing your schedule and stuffing your loot bag, etc.).
  2. Room purchases can be refunded 90% of the purchase price up to July 22, 2022.  After that, we’re really sorry but they’re not refundable.  We’ll do what we can to help you find someone else to take over your room, though, and issue you a refund if that happens.
  3. Meal tickets are 100% refundable until September 20, 2022.  After that, they’re non-refundable (we’ll have already put the order in to Montreat).
  4. T-shirts and dice are non-refundable.

Thanks for understanding, and hopefully no refunds will be needed (we want you there!).

Also, please note that while at the conference, you may be photographed or digitally filmed, and we might use that imagery for promotional purposes.

Also, given these uncertain Plague Times, we reserve the right to require proof of vaccination/proof of a negative COVID test to attend, and/or to implement a mask requirement (you could put a Halloween mask over your Plague mask!). We really, really hope we don’t need either of these things…but we also don’t want to be responsible for a superspreader event, so…just know that we’ll do it if we have to. It’s because we care.

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