AVL Scarefest

We Did It!

You hear that soaring music? That means we made it, and the credits are rolling on this year's Scarefest. Congratulations on surviving! Or at least thinking you survived. It could be one of those stories...

But before you wander off into the sunrise, could you take a couple of minutes and fill out our post-convention survey? It's your feedback that helps us get better every year.
Next year's AVL Scarefest will be on October 19-21, 2018 (at least. Why "at least"? Take the survey for a clue!).

Did you forget your t-shirt? We had a few unclaimed shirts at the end. If you think one of them might be yours, contact us and let us know!

Thank you all so much. Scarefest would be nothing without you. Literally. Well, literally about 10 people sitting around rolling dice in a big, echoey hall feeling very lonely and sad. You saved us from that.

We give you permission to eat dessert first. Today and every day.
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