These are the good folks who came out to support us in 2017. Check out this year’s list for…this year’s list.

Those who raised us up right…

  • The Wyvern's TaleThe Wyvern’s Tale, purveyors of all the finest geek needs, long-suffering nest maintainers, and valued friends.

Those who gave stuff…

  • Adventure Scents, creators of realistic scent special effects based on common adventure locations, donators of scintillating snuffing supplies.
  • AngelariumAngelarium, creator of stunning fantasy artwork showing you angels in a whole new light…
  • Axolote GamingAxolote Gaming, designer of exceptionally detailed downloadable designs for 3D printing.
  • Brick WarriorsBrick Warriors, creators of Lego-compatible brick sets to accessorize and complete your characters and dioramas.
  • CAFCON 2018 LOGOCAFCON, A fantasy, gaming, and roleplaying convention just down the hill from us in Morganton, NC, donator of two tickets to their con.
  • Darksilver ForgeDarksilver Forge, purveyors of amazingly cool gaming supplies, donators of Chtulhu-themed dice and dice trays.
  • DoubleExposureDouble Exposure, facilitators of gaming convention goodness.
  • DragonForce GamingDragonforce Gaming, retailer of new and used gaming merchandise.
  • Elderwood Academy Elderwood Academy, Mindbogglingly good dice accessories.
  • Drivethru RPGDrivethru RPG, providing all the downloadable RPG content you ever dreamed of.
  • Gaming PaperGaming Paper, developer of a low-cost alternative to expensive battlemaps and tile sets, donators of assorted dungeon maps and adventure sets.
  • Goblinoid GamesGoblinoid Games, donator of copies of the Cryptworld and Rotworld RPG systems. Whether you’re discovering or revisiting the roots of old-school roleplaying, Goblinoid Games has you covered. If you’re looking for the feel of the retro-editions of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game, classic post-apocalyptic science fantasy, or other old-school games, you’re in the right place. It’s time to leave page-long stat blocks and hour-long combats behind to rediscover what was fun about gaming.
  • Goodman GamesGoodman Games, creators of the infamous Dungeon Crawl Classics, among other retro madness.
  • Hero Hunter ComicsHero Hunter Comics, purveyor of comic books and all the best of geekery, just next door in Candler, NC.
  • James BeckerJames Becker, crafter of wooden dice and full size shields. Font of wonder.
  • John Wick Presents - 7th SeaJohn Wick Presents, developer of the famous 7th Sea RPG, and donator of a core rulebook.
  • Legendary Games, publishers of expansion content for Pathfinder and D&D 5e.
  • Limitless AdventuresLimitless Adventurers, creators of high-quality campaign extensions for D&D 5e.
  • Miniature MarketMiniature Market, donator of multiple RPG sourcebooks, and online purveyor of nearly every kind of gaming geekery you can think of.
  • Nerdy ShowNerdy Show, specializing in podcasts and dedicated to geeky programming for all nerds across the multiverse: nerd culture, nerd news, and nerd music. Donators of a Ghostbusters Franchise Kit!
  • Nord GamesNord Games, donator of the Steampunked Time Machine card game and the Ultimate Bestiary and related pawn set, creators and specialists in all things involving gaming geekery.
  • PaizoPaizo, creator of the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs, donators of boons and gift certificates.
  • RPG Crate, creators of an excellent monthly shipment program including up to a dozen different products ranging from dice and miniatures to full length adventures and books.
  • Savage KingdomsSavage Kingdoms, donator of a core rulebook and the sourcebook The Savage East, creator of the local RPG that grew to see big things.
  • Skullsplitter DiceSkullsplitter Dice, purveyors of all things dicey, and donators of approximately a zillion dice, among other things.
  • Slugfest GamesSlugfest Games, creator of innovative board games and donator of The Red Dragon Inn and The Red Dragon Inn:
    Battle for Greyport.
  • mugs designed by Tim SniderTim Snider, creator of a large assortment of nerdy things (including Cryptworld RPG), for the donation of two classic dungeon map mugs.
  • Wyrmwood Gaming Supplies, creators of exquisite dice vaults, dice trays, and more!

Those who sponsored us…

  • The DripolatorThe Dripolator, amazing coffee and pastries in downtown Black Mountain, NC

Those who damn near killed themselves making this all work…


  • Amie TraceyAmie Tracey, Top Minion, possible Dark Overlord (who is not thanking herself and is only on here because the Minions said she belonged in the staff listing).
  • Bryan MartinBryan Martin, Chief Minion
  • Scott Bayne, Minion in charge of people things.
  • James BeckerJames Becker, Minion in charge of people things
  • Andy GmitterAndy Gmitter, Multigame Madness Minion
  • Olivia MartinOlivia Martin, Chief Decorating Minion.
  • Michael TraceyMichael Tracey, Minion in charge of PFS things
  • Clara Tracey, Sub-Minion in charge of PFS things.
  • Luke WithrowLuke Withrow, Tech Minion