AVL Scarefest 8 T-Shirt


Available in black and blue. Unless you want to be really cool, in which case you can get it in purple if you buy a Patron Pass.


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This year’s t-shirt features this year’s logo (with 100% more ghosts than ever before!), and the words:

AVL Scarefest 8:

The Final Encounter


Because this is it! Scarefest as we’ve known it will be no more after this year.

Will it return? Possibly. But if so, it will be in a form so altered, so dark and corrupted, you may not even recognize it until you hear its evil laugh…

Available in black and blue.

One-color AVL Scarefest logo on front breast.

You know you want one. Or two. Or, hell, go ahead and buy three…just in case something rips holes in the other two. [Legal Disclaimer: The product image shows the graphic design as envisioned, but the exact colors and some level of detail may be altered by our excellent print shop, if needed.