AVL Scarefest 2021 once again postponed due to Plague
After much soul searching and reading of tea leaves, we are sad to announce that we will once again be postponing AVL Scarefest this year. Please do not scream at us…our personal demons are loud enough, we assure you. We do know that many of you are getting vaccinated as we write these words, and we also know that everyone is very tired of staying home playing online games. And we miss you, we really, really do.
Normally by this point the Minions would have been in full preparation mode for months, but we to this day cannot be in the same room together safely (the bunker is a nightmare of blanket forts at this point, actually). We don’t yet know when we will be able to come together to prepare. And ultimately, none of us actually know what the deal with The Plague will be come October. The best experts prognosticating right now (and we listen to them all in hopes that there will be a shred of certainty) say that perhaps in October Everything Will Be Fine. And then they say…perhaps not. Corrupted though our souls may be, we do not wish to be responsible for even one death because we insisted on a gathering that should never have been.
And so, with a deep pain in our hearts and tears in our eyes, we’re making the call to wait. We desperately hope that you have enjoyed AVL Scarefest enough to remember it and come back in 2022. And meanwhile, do watch this space and our Facebook page, as we will make it a point to announce any interesting online (or otherwise safe) gaming events to keep you going until we return.