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What’s New in 2023?

We’re so excited to be opening our (squeaky) doors to you all again this year! As of this post, we’re just a little under 3 months out, and we are working on some Big Things to make this year the best ever. Here’s a quick rundown of what we have going on…but first: WE STILL

A Matter of A Pinion

Or, what’s the difference between a room at the Winsborough and a room at Assembly Inn? This is one of our most commonly asked questions, so we’ve created a little graphical display to help clear things up: Hopefully that’s pretty self-explanatory, but if not…you can picture the Assembly Inn like a beautiful, austere swan while

We Have A Date…and a New Friend.

Based on the poll results, it looks like the weekend before Halloween is going to work for the most people. Therefore, it’s official: Scarefest 2015 will be held October 23-25, here in Asheville, NC. And to celebrate, we have a new logo for this year. Say hello to our creepy little friend. Please disperse our