A Matter of A Pinion

Or, what’s the difference between a room at the Winsborough and a room at Assembly Inn?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions, so we’ve created a little graphical display to help clear things up:

A graphical depiction of the differences between the Assembly Inn and the Winsborough Lodge at Montreat Conference Center for Scarefest.

Hopefully that’s pretty self-explanatory, but if not…you can picture the Assembly Inn like a beautiful, austere swan while the Winsborough is your friendly neighborhood goose. Or Assembly is like a vampire–old and refined and stealthy–while the Winsborough is like a banshee–also old, but a whole lot less classy and quiet about it.

You can sign up for a room at either one over at our store.

Oh, and by the way: what’s the difference between a crow and a raven?
Well, you know those long feathers on the end of birds’ wings? A crow has six and a raven has seven, so it’s a matter of a pinion.

You’re welcome.