Bye For Now!

Bye For Now! See you next year!

Thanks for finishing the survey. We’ll be sending a copy in triplicate to the Number-Crunching Faeries, who will pass it on to the Minions, who will neatly sort it into several distinct piles, two of which will be Paperwork Monsters before next Scarefest (the other pile will eventually be eaten by the Baby Miniature Dire Goats). The point is, we sincerely value your feedback. While you’re waiting around for next year’s preparations to start (can you believe it’ll be a whole year?!), here are a handful of things you could do that would really help us out:

1) You’ve told us what you think of us to our face. We like that, but it doesn’t mean we’ll be mad if you talk behind our backs: tell all your friends what you think with a Facebook Review.
2) Make sure you are in the loop for next year by joining the Facebook Event for AVL Scarefest 4, right here!
3) Sign up for our mailing list (and tell your email client you know us so we don’t get dumped in your spam bin) and we’ll let you know as soon as things are revving up for next year.
4) Send us any photos you have, we’d love to use them in our gallery:
5) Follow the Yeti on Twitter.
6) Wear your T-shirt! And let people know about us! Didn’t buy one? well, there is always… next year.

Next Year’s AVL Scarefest will be Oct. 19-21. Mark your calendars and we’ll see you there!