1. Players. Our players are the best players. In all seriousness, every year lots of folks come to us to say that the main reason they love our convention is the sense of community, the amazing people. We do everything we can to foster friendly, invested game play, and our player base reflects those principles.

2. Support. You have the support of our experienced Minion staff. We make promotional banners for every game every year and post them on Facebook and our website, and we also hand them to you to use how you see fit. If you need some extra something to make your game come off the way you imagine, our Minions are here to listen and help any way we can. We know our convention depends on you, and we try to make sure you know we know it.

3. Explore. Your home game is great: you love the players, and you know the game system inside and out. Right there with you. AVL Scarefest could never replace that, but we offer something different: an opportunity to find more players who love the games you do, exchange tips with other experienced GMs, and maybe even try out a new game or two that you otherwise would have missed.

4. Experience. Our convention is nestled into a staggeringly beautiful location, at Western North Carolina’s most beautiful time of the year. Imagine waking up in an old stone lodge house, walking over the bridge across the lake in the cool, misty morning, and gazing out at the riot of colour painting the mountainsides. It’s not your typical convention experience.

5. Perks. You will get 1/3 off the price of a weekend pass for every game you run (yep, that means if you run three games you get in free!). If you run five, we’ll give you a free t-shirt. And if you get a meal ticket, we’ll call you up to get your food before the masses. We know how important it is to keep your strength up when a table is looking to you for a good story. Furthermore, every year we give away literally thousands of dollars worth of prizes, and you’ll be in the running. You even get an extra prize entry token for every game you run!

Again, we know our convention couldn’t exist without good folk like you to bring your storytelling skills to the floor. If you’d like to be a part of our Volunteer GM Crew, please step right over here and propose a game or three: GM Game Proposal

Thank you. From the bottom of our little blackened hearts.