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AVL Scarefest Vaccine/Mask Policy

TL;DR: We will require a vaccination + at least one booster shot to attend, and we will be checking vaccination cards prior to entry. UPDATE: We will also admit those who have had their first two vaccination shots within 5 months of AVL Scarefest (if recently vaccinated, no booster is required). We are strongly encouraging

Remembering the Mythos

It’s been two years since the last AVL Scarefest, and it is entirely possible that in that time you may have forgotten some of the things that make us special. Things that frequently get mentioned in our newsletters, FB posts, and program, and occasionally even become relevant if you want to understand the weird stuff

AVL Scarefest 6
AVL Scarefest 6 tickets on sale now!

After the long, aching winter of the seemingly interminable Plague Years….AVL Scarefest is back!! Tickets are now on sale, along with accommodations and meal tickets. Keep an eye on our store for other interesting merchandise we are absolutely, very definitely, for sure going to post there. Like t-shirts. And possibly pins or patches or dice

AVL Scarefest 2021 once again postponed due to Plague

After much soul searching and reading of tea leaves, we are sad to announce that we will once again be postponing AVL Scarefest this year. Please do not scream at us…our personal demons are loud enough, we assure you. We do know that many of you are getting vaccinated as we write these words, and

Minion Vacation
Minion Tale, Updates
We Miss You!

In any other year, you would all–right now, as we write this–be gathered in Freeland Hall at Montreat. Some of you would be wandering in late as the Goblin Market begins to wrap up. Some of you would already be deeply entrenched in a game, eyes wide, hands gesticulating with sleep-deprived abandon. Some of you

AVL Scarefest 2020 Is Cancelled

Full of Suck. That’s basically what most of us have been experiencing for the last couple of months, and it’s what we sadly are compelled to contribute to now. Even our resident vampire is talking about sucking in a sulky tone of voice. But sadly even The Overlord cannot peer through the mists of time

Goblin Market, Updates
Beware the Goblin Market!

As many of our return guests know, we like to do a little something different on the Sunday morning of AVL Scarefest. For starters, we open our doors a little later: at 9AM, instead of 8, to let everyone sleep in a little, or get a little exercise, or take a shower, etc. By the

Well Played
Guess Who’s Coming to Scarefest?

We, here at AVL Scarefest headquarters, are delighted to be able to announce that we have a new partner in this year’s endeavor: Well Played, North Carolina’s first board game café, will be hosting our board game area. What does this mean, you say? Well, firstly, it means our poor, tired, overworked Minions will not

Warhorn is Opening Soon…

Are you ready? We will be clearing folks to sign up for games on Warhorn starting this Friday. Please make sure you have created a Warhorn account, so that we can let you in! Registrations will be opened as follows: – GM volunteers will be cleared by noon on Friday, Sept. 1 – Early Registrations