In the beginning…

So here we are, at the beginning.

For the last two years, Scarefest has been a mini-con just for the Asheville area Pathfinder Society gaming group. After the success of last year’s efforts, however, we started to dream bigger. Very few of us only ever play one game. It would be so much nicer if something as inherently fun as a gaming con around Halloween could have a lot more games. So that’s what we’re setting out to do.

What we aim to do…

We’d like to have as many games and gamers represented as possible, and we’d like to stick close to a spooky, Halloweeny kind of feel. So if you’ve got an idea for a creepy game of pretty much any variety, just let us know what it is!

At the moment we’re in the earliest planning stage, so what we need right now is to know how much interest there is, both in terms of attendance and in terms of folks willing to run games. We need to know if we should be planning for 50 or 500, so that in the next stage we can find a location.

Also, we need connections and volunteers. Do you have a connection at an event center that would be great for the con? Do you have a gaming-centered business that would love to come and sell? Are you willing to sign up to run a game of something? Please let us know.

…Into the Future

Stay tuned as we start to get this thing a little more organized. We’ll be updating here as we take each step along the way, or sign up for our mailing list if you want to make sure not to miss any updates.