Let’s talk about board games…

Guest post by Board Game Minion Mateo

Zombie crawling on floor

“Wait! I was going to break out Munchkin!”

I have traveled to many countries. I have ridden in a leaky submarine. I have spent the night in a haunted house. I have robbed people on a train at gun-point. I have built a utopia and destroyed cities. I am a gamer.

Board games have always been about strategy, luck, and competition, but I really enjoy the thematics that accompany the rules. For me, board games are an art. Plenty of games have wonderful mechanics, and those can be great ways to spend time, but that can also feel like only half of the experience. Would The Game of Life be the same without the little cars of blue and pink people, or without the random cards about goats eating your flowers?

AVL Scarefest is a gaming event based on a theme, and we just don’t get to see that very often. Not just any theme, but the spooky, scary, and horror side of gaming! This year especially, as we have a slew of both RPGs and board games that fit the theme. And unlike the RPG tables, you won’t have to sign up for the board games.

Sure, we’ll have some tournaments, all with prizes. And yes, there are a few demos you can sign up for to make sure you get a spot. There will also be tables to play any board games we have available and staff members to help you with any setup or rules questions. If you’ve never played Road Kill Rally but are interested in joining the tournament, run through a practice round with us and get a feel for the game. You’ll wish you could spend more time running over pedestrians while firing missiles at your friends! Open tables mean you can jump in on any game, or even start your own.

Come learn a new game, choose from a variety of themes from spooky to bloody, and make new friends with us!

You can check out a selection of the board games that will be available over at Warhorn.