Game Hightlight: Dungeon Crawl Classics!

dungeon Crawl Classics at AVL Scarefest“Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level? Those days are back. Dungeon Crawl Classics don’t waste your time with long-winded speeches, weird campaign settings, or NPCs who aren’t meant to be killed. Each adventure is 100% good, solid dungeon crawl, with the monsters you know, the traps you fear, and the secret doors you know are there somewhere.”

Are you tired of all these new-fangled games with their weird classes and 2-sided dice and spells that aren’t spells and on and on?  Ready to kick some serious RPG arse, old-school style?  Please, be our guest at Dungeon Crawl Classics at AVL Scarefest this year.  We’ve got three sessions of dungeon crawling, monster hacking, treasure finding goodness all lined up for you, GM’d by the deeply appreciated Michael Jones and Kevin Heuer.  Get your ticket and sign up now!

Masks of Lankhmar: Friday 1:30PM-6:30PM

A heist gone wrong brings an unlikely group of thieves together and sets off a search for forgotten treasures hidden in the City of the Black Toga! Can our heroes of questionable moral character survive the twisting chase that leads through the Plaza of Dark Delights, crosses paths with Sheelba of the Eyeless Face, and delves into one of the oddest tenements in Lankhmar? Not if the Thieves’ Guild has their way!

The Shambling Undead: Saturday 8:00AM-1:00PM

After a night of fitful sleep and fevered dreams, you awaken and step outside your thatched cottage to greet the coming day. Instead, the shambling horde of corpses rising up from the city streets brings to mind long-forgotten warnings of the apocalypse. A level-zero funnel tournament for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Championship trophies, prizes and swag galore!

The Arwich Grinder: Saturday 7:30PM-12:30AM

When a fat naked stranger lurches into the local watering hole and falls dead at your feet clutching Bessie Curwin’s best blue bonnet, it is up to the farmers and good folk of Arwich Village to investigate what has happened. Wolves prowl and pigs squeal and a foul stench seems to seep from below. A level-zero funnel with a Lovecraftian twist using the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules.