Game Highlight: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

We’ve all spent countless happy hours watching Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, reading the fiction, playing the RPGs, and making nerdy inside jokes with our friends (and yes, we know about your transporter shower curtain).  But did you know there’s a game that can bring you closer to actually being a starship officer than you have ever been before?  Let us introduce you to…Artemis.

The idea of Artemis is that each player works as a crew member on a starship bridge, fulfilling roles such as weapons, science, or communications, each with their own computer terminal in front of them allowing access to information and tools important to that role.  One player is the Captain, with no computer of their own, but with overarching command of the ship (and a large projector screen main view of events).  Together you operate your ship, protect it from evil aliens, and negotiate peace with those you can.  And yes, you totally get to say things like “Sending all power to the main engine!” and hear a satisfying “Engage!” in response.

Each Artemis simulation takes about an hour, so multiple scenarios can take place over one session at AVL Scarefest.  Consequently, signup for this game will not happen on Warhorn, but there will be a signup sheet outside the Artemis area in the hall.  Artemis sessions will be running Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening (two bridges running at once in this slot!), during the Sunday morning brunch session, and Sunday afternoon.  Give in to your ubergeekness and get your ticket now!

Check out some videos of play below: