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Prize Preview: GM Monster Mini Starter Kit

We’ve had some amazing donations for prizes at Scarefest this year, so we thought it only right to start previewing the loot you could possibly win*. Both because we knew you’d want to know, and also because we really want to take every chance we can to thank and highlight the amazing folks who are simply giving us stuff to give to you. So without further ado…


Our GM Mini Monster Starter Kit was painted and donated by the wonderful Sean Hackett. If you’re just getting started with GMing fantasy RPGs, this kit has many of your basic monsters…and if you’re an old hand on the GM scene, you know you can never have too many goblins, amiright? This set includes 15 hand-painted minis, including:

  • 3 skeletal warriors
  • 4 stabby goblins
  • 1 archer goblin
  • 4 rat swarms
  • 2 Lemures
  • 1 basilisk
  • 1 foam-padded mini case

Huge thanks to Sean, and the Minion crew is already totally envious of the eventual recipient.

*Check out our FAQ page for how you win prizes!