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Prize Preview: Chainmail Earrings and the Tiny Badass Top

Both of today’s prize preview prizes were donated by local fabricator of amazing things, OberMetalWorks. They specialize in chainmail (and otherwise hand-linked) jewelry, hand-machined beads and rings, and the most badass little tops you have ever seen. Here’s what they are chipping in this year:

Chainmail Earrings

hand-made chain and carnelian earringsOK, they’re technically not chainmail. As there are a few particular methods of bending and linking wire that are considered chainmail, and these earrings do not qualify. However that in no way detracts from the beautiful craftsmanship of these handmade earrings, and if you want to call them chainmail, we won’t rat on you. These earrings retail for $35.  See them on OberMetalWorks site, and take a moment and peruse their whole catalog.

Tiny Badass Top

tiny badass hand machined top by obermetalworksI know…why on earth would you want a top? Like, the things that maybe you once got in a gift bag and you tried to spin it and it kept falling over so you tried to use it as a caltrop outside your sister’s bedroom but it broke when she stepped on it and you got in trouble?
This is not that top.
This hand machined little wonder will spin longer than it takes to kill a gelatinous cube. Seriously, on a good surface, it’ll go for well over ten minutes. Having it around has almost turned into a game of “convert the uninitiated” around Scarefest headquarters, as over and over we offer to show the top to random visitors (or complete strangers) who think that tops are dumb kids toys…and then slowly give in to the inevitable fascination and eventual desperate desire to claim it for their own. This top would retail for $60.hand-machined top by overmetalworks