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Prize Peek 2018: It’s a small world…

Ah, so you’re back for the first installment of this year’s Prize Peek, hm? Wanting to see what awaits your clutching claws, hm. Well, come this way my little tardigrade, and we’ll see what there is to see… Let’s begin with this rather impressive looking brick (that’s a technical term) of miniature creatures from Miniature

Wyrmwood Dice Vault
Prize Peek: All Over The Place

We are two weeks out from AVL Scarefest, and things around the compound have reached a frantic pitch usually reserved for especially popular shopping days or kudzu outbreaks. We wanted to take a moment, however, to catch our breath and present another handful of amazing prizes we’ll be giving away this year (if you didn’t

Prize Peek: Strange Beauty & Stranger Monsters

Ah, you’re back for more loot, are you (if you didn’t see the first edition of our prize peek series, it’s right over here)? Well, thanks to our amazing Abettors, we are happy to oblige. Step this way, and let us take you on a tour of some of the latest offerings that we will

Elderwood Academy Dice Boxes
Prize Peek: Things Are Getting Dicey

Welcome to the first installment of Prize Peek Posts, where we give you a preview of some of the awesome loot we’re going to be giving away at this year’s Scarefest! First up we have some absolutely beautiful dice boxes from Elderwood Academy. We have three Hex Chests, made from redheart, walnut, and cherry woods,

Legendary Games Gothic Campaign Compendium
Prize Preview: Legendary Games Gothic Campaign Compendium

Legendary Games is a team of top-notch authors and designers who create expansion settings for Pathfinder and 5th Edition D&D, and they’ve generously donated both a Gothic Campaign Compendium (which contains all the content shown right over here), and a separate copy of Feasting at Lantergeist (“A simple harvest festival in an unremarkable village turns horribly,

Grave Reaper by Cody Allan Brown
Prize Preview: Grave Titan

You’ve seen minis. You have minis. Actually, you probably have a large box of Bones minis that you’re totally going to get around to painting some day (it’s OK, we all do). But you have never seen a mini quite like this. In the first place, it should probably be called a maxi, given the

Spiderweb Shield
Prize Preview: The Spider Shield

Yes, that there is a 100% real wooden shield, hand crafted by Asheville resident (and PFS Venture Captain) James Becker.  This is not some lightweight, hang it on your wall and never touch it again type shield.  It’s solid, heavy, and the leather straps are securely bolted.  You could totally use this to defend yourself

D&D undead prep kit
Prize Preview: Undead Prep Kit and Dragonkin Mini Set

You know how sometimes you’re going along with a solid D&D campaign, and you’ve spent some time in the pub where you picked up a job escorting this hot noble through dangerous territory, and you got attacked by trolls but it was totally not a problem (in fact, you leveled up!), and the hot noble kissed

Cthulhu, by Raven Mimura
Prize Preview: Signed Cthulhu Print

You know it’s not a Halloween celebration without Cthulhu.  He’s a party animal!  Also, he’s really good at the “generating screams of pure, unadulterated terror” angle of things.  Just between us, though, he does have a tendency to hog the drink. On display here is one magnificent Cthulhu print, donated and signed by the artist,