Prize Preview: Grave Titan
Grave Reaper by Cody Allan Brown

Unpainted Bones mini from our own collection provided for scale.

You’ve seen minis. You have minis. Actually, you probably have a large box of Bones minis that you’re totally going to get around to painting some day (it’s OK, we all do). But you have never seen a mini quite like this. In the first place, it should probably be called a maxi, given the sheer size of the thing. Seriously, if you want to scare the pants off your home group, here you go. It’s this simple: win this prize, and then at your next gaming session, nonchalantly place it on the table. Take pictures (and send them to us!). But beyond the sheer scale of the thing, you need to check out the paint job. Hand painted by Cody Allan Brown, the Grave Titan is a simply amazing paint job, with drool-worthy detailing. We think it’s safe to say that it’s not only going to be one of the scariest things in your GM box of horrors, but it’s probably also a mini that deserves to be placed in a point of honor on your nerd-knick-knack shelf all year long.

Thanks so much, Cody, for donating. And it’s worth noting that Cody will be hosting a mini-painting table during the Sunday morning brunch session, so if you want to bring a mini and get some pro advice, this will be your chance!