Tickets on Sale Now!

You can buy your tickets right here!

Yes, it has finally happened. All your dreams  favorite nightmares are about to come true! AVL Scarefest will be back this year, beginning on Friday, Oct. 20 and running through Sunday, Oct. 22. Unless, of course, you’d like to join us for the pre-party, in which case we’ll see you at the Winsborough on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 19 (you can sign up for an extra night at the Winsborough when you get your lodging, and don’t forget to add breakfast on Friday, too!).

There are just a few changes we’re bringing in this year. The biggest is that we’re changing what you get when you buy a meal ticket. This year’s meal ticket will get you breakfasts at the all-you-can-eat buffet up at Assembly, but lunches and dinners will be a combo of food trucks arriving on the premises and catered meals brought into the hall from local, Black Mountain and Asheville restaurants. Let us know when you buy your meal ticket if you have any dietary preferences/requirements we need to pass on.

Next up is the pre-party on Thursday night. Everyone is invited to come down Thursday evening and help us set up the hall (we’ll be there from about 5:00-6:30), and/or hang out at the Winsborough for the pre-party. This is a BYOB, bring your own food event, but we’d love a chance to get to hang with you all before we get completely overwhelmed with Scarefest madness!

Also, this year we have custom dice for sale!  The dice are not included in the Full Package product, so make sure to pick them up separately, if you’re interested.

And this year’s t-shirt is available in black and blue, since apparently not everyone wants to wear all black, all the time. We don’t understand…but then we don’t have to. We live to serve.

There are a few other tricks hidden up our collective sleeve…but those are secret. You’ll find out soon enough.

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