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Minion Tale
A Minion Tale, Part 4: That Hilda

Hilda the Vampire’s role, officially, was Chief Decorator. As far as Minion #13 could determine, she had never been interviewed for this position, nor had she ever actually applied. She had been discovered one day behind a (not-yet-animate) paperwork stack, sucking all the ink out of a red ink cartridge. Given that Minions are not,

Wyrmwood Dice Vault
Prize Peek: All Over The Place

We are two weeks out from AVL Scarefest, and things around the compound have reached a frantic pitch usually reserved for especially popular shopping days or kudzu outbreaks. We wanted to take a moment, however, to catch our breath and present another handful of amazing prizes we’ll be giving away this year (if you didn’t

Endless coffee
Minion Tale
A Minion Tale, Part 3: Of Coffee and Mutations

The day began at 3AM. “One! One Especially Large Rodent! Ah Ah Ah!!” screamed the Yeti as he ran down the hall, presumably in chase of a mutant rat, aggressive squirrel, or overly optimistic applicant. Minion #13 sighed deeply, and rolled his head to the right. Two large, violet eyes peered back at him, over

Well Played
Guess Who’s Coming to Scarefest?

We, here at AVL Scarefest headquarters, are delighted to be able to announce that we have a new partner in this year’s endeavor: Well Played, North Carolina’s first board game café, will be hosting our board game area. What does this mean, you say? Well, firstly, it means our poor, tired, overworked Minions will not

Paperwork Monsters
Minion Tale
A Minion Tale, Part 2: The Inhabitants

Being a Minion consisted primarily of two things: ferrying paperwork and avoiding the Dark Overlord. The paperwork wasn’t that bad, really. The entire compound was devoted to the creation of a three-day event called Scarefest, which was apparently a lot like Halloween but longer and with better games. Minion #13 had never been to a

Warhorn is Opening Soon…

Are you ready? We will be clearing folks to sign up for games on Warhorn starting this Friday. Please make sure you have created a Warhorn account, so that we can let you in! Registrations will be opened as follows: – GM volunteers will be cleared by noon on Friday, Sept. 1 – Early Registrations

Bring Out Your N00BS!

Here at Minion Headquarters, we get a lot of interesting inquiries about Scarefest. Admittedly, most of them are asking things like would we like to make a million dollars helping some unfortunate djinn launder their cash from the dimension next door (don’t try it…it’s totally a scam), but we also get lots of messages from

Prize Peek: Strange Beauty & Stranger Monsters

Ah, you’re back for more loot, are you (if you didn’t see the first edition of our prize peek series, it’s right over here)? Well, thanks to our amazing Abettors, we are happy to oblige. Step this way, and let us take you on a tour of some of the latest offerings that we will