AVL Scarefest Vaccine/Mask Policy

As of the time of this writing, it is April 4, 2022 and we have *absolutely no idea* what state of The Plague will be in October. Yes, this is distressing, and not only because that crystal ball was expensive, and now we can’t find the weird little vendor so…

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AVL Scarefest 6 tickets on sale now!

AVL Scarefest 6

After the long, aching winter of the seemingly interminable Plague Years….AVL Scarefest is back!! Tickets are now on sale, along with accommodations and meal tickets. Keep an eye on our store for other interesting merchandise we are absolutely, very definitely, for sure going to post there. Like t-shirts. And possibly…

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We Miss You!

Minion Vacation

In any other year, you would all–right now, as we write this–be gathered in Freeland Hall at Montreat. Some of you would be wandering in late as the Goblin Market begins to wrap up. Some of you would already be deeply entrenched in a game, eyes wide, hands gesticulating with…

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