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Where on Earth Could Yeti Yetisomething Be?

Yes, we realized a little too late that a last name for the Yeti would sound cool…but we never gave him one. Or asked if he already had one. So…maybe we can do that when he comes back. As he will. Certainly.

What’s that? You haven’t heard? 


Well, the thing is…we haven’t seen the Yeti since we tucked in for our winter hibernation. We figured he would hibernate, too! Minion #13 recently pointed out that the fact he was covered head to toe in white fur might have clued us in that he didn’t sleep all winter…but honestly, we were really damned tired after last year’s Scarefest. So, we tuned his TV to PBS and told him to wake us up in the spring.


And now he’s gone. And we really, really need to find him.

If you have any idea at all where he might be hiding, please just send us your ideas using the form below. If your tip sends us to his location, there might even be a little reward waiting for you at this year’s AVL Scarefest!